Andy Welland

Visual artist and graphic designer Andy Welland’s language is one of positivity, where bright playful collages and shapes collide. A remix of form; his abstract compositions are created from repurposed off-cuts, thoughts, sound and movement.


The work is a celebration of what it is to be human as we navigate and make sense of this chaotic world together.


Andy’s reaction against the perfection of graphic design makes his work a glorious contradiction. Mistakes and imperfections created by the artist’s hand are contained within merging shapes and patterns.


He is recognised for his vibrant, graphic collage work that is both welcoming and bold with a sophisticated conceptual edge. Following a degree in Fine Arts from Sheffield Hallam in 2007, he cut his teeth in London working within the luxury division of M&C Saatchi and has also worked at various boutique design studios across the UK.


As an accomplished graphic designer and art director he has worked on projects including product concept development + pack design for Pernod Ricard, brand direction and design for multiple Oxford University colleges and a global visual identity system for the Visa: 2016 Rio Olympic Games + 2015 Women’s World Cup.